So apparently, according to my mum, I can just stop? I picked at my chin tonight because I am stressing out about a date this week. So yeah obviously the smart thing to do is pick at my skin because we all know that makes me look so much more attractive and makes me all the more confident ha! Anyway it’s my coping mechanism, not that it really helps, but seeing my chin like this has pissed my mum off. She became annoyed with me and said I should be able to just stop, to which I replied “If it were that easy I would have stopped already”. Of course she had an answer to this “I used to have OCD and I stopped”. Yes mum I also used to have severe OCD and I was able to control that and I’ve also managed to quit smoking but quitting picking is a whole other ball game! Well apparently she doesn’t believe that it is that hard to stop! *facepalm* hold on one second while I go and bang my head repeatedly against a brick wall … there much better!! Now where were we? Oh yeah that’s right JUST STOP!!! -_-

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  1. ugh… my mum is exactly the same about my self harm. she says “if you have decided to recover you’ll never self harm again.yes?” i tried to explain that it’s not like that in reality when you are overcomming something addictive and compulsive. she just couldn’t get it.
    i’ve given up trying to explain myself as it just upsets me more that i don’t get the understanding.

    • Sorry to hear you are experiencing this too! With any recovery there is always bound to be relapses…. It frustrates me when people don’t understand that! Don’t know if this could help but I had someone suggest to me last night that I write out what I want to say to my mum… then I guess it’s up to me whether I give it to her or not or just use it as a way to get everything off my chest and then put it aside. Couldn’t hurt to try! x

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