Slowly Coming Out Of Hiding

MicrodermaSo after months and months of hiding offline due to hitting a major picking low and having a major depressive episode (I was picking to the point of suicidal ideation) I have managed to get this disorder somewhat back under control. Not many sores left but OH THE SCARS!! So my mum just finished giving me a facial using microdermabrasion products. Mum was right when she told me that as I grew older my skin wouldn’t heal itself as quickly. My scars used to fade within days, now they take months to years to disappear which does not motivate me to refrain from skin picking. I’m almost 27 now (yikes!) and one of these days I’ll stop picking…


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  1. We support you throughout your struggles, be strong and patient with yourself Sammi! Sending good vibes from Baltimore!!

  2. Hi my name is Kate I’m 27 and I’ve been reading your posts tonight after finishing a particularly bad picking session myself. I was supposed to go to my friends’ engagement party but instead I spent hours in front of the mirror and hid away inside all day. I too have felt exactly how you do. I just wanted you to know how touched I am at your compassion and bravery for writing such things. Your honesty has made me feel less alone. Thank you.

    • Hi Kate,
      I am glad you found this blog and are feeling less alone. I have been where you are so many times – so many cancelled events either because I become stuck in a picking session or I’ve just gone through a bad period and am too ashamed of my appearance. It is hard as well when you’re friends aren’t aware of your condition so I think most of the time they think I cancel on them because I’m not really interested in the friendship which is not the case at all! I have reached the stage now where I often have to force myself to go to things even though I feel miserable about the way I look and to date I’ve always ended up having a good time. Sending healing thoughts your way… we’ve got this!

  3. your skin looks so beautiful

  4. Thank you for posting! Thank you for your honesty. You’ve helped me today. I thought I was alone for a moment. Thank you.

    • Thank you for visiting and taking the time to write me a comment! I’m happy I could help you feel less alone… I run a ‘Dermatillomania Support Group’ on FB if you ever want to chat with other sufferers. 🙂

  5. Thank you for your blog. (I keep trying to comment but my computer keeps crashing so I’m not sure if my posts are getting through to you.) To cut a long story short I am the mum of a 6 year old who appears to pick at her skin obsessively (since she was about 4) and I wonder if you have any advice for me as her mother? Is there anything that would have helped you back when you were a little girl? I find a lot of information for adult sufferers but nothing for the parents of child sufferers. I hope to hear from you, Ari.

    • Hi Ari,

      I finally posted a reply to your original comment on my ‘About Me’ section… apologies for the late reply! I also run a ‘Dermatillomania Support Group’ on FB where you can connect with other parents whose children suffer from this disorder. I hope my other reply helps, I included a lot more detail in that one. Thank you for writing in. 🙂

  6. Hi!

    Im glad i found your blog. This is the only evidence ive found that im not alone. Ive had dermatillomania for at least 3 years now (cant really remember the time it started). It has got better since i went to the doctors and got medicine for depression and anxiety. Im still struggling with it but I hope ill get rid of it someday. Thank you for your blog – now I know im not alone 🙂

    • Hi Lotta, I am glad you have discovered you are not alone in this and it sounds like you’ve made some really positive steps by taking medication for depression and anxiety. Usually that sort of medication can help to relieve the urge to pick. I too hope you will be rid of it some day. I am still struggling with it (23 years and counting) however I will be starting specialised treatment for it in November which I hope will help. I’ll be sure to share my journey online for all my followers to read 🙂 Also I run a ‘Dermatillomania Support Group’ on Facebook if you ever want to chat with other sufferers. You’re definitely not alone in this! )

  7. After lots of googling trying to find treatments to heal my legs, I’ve come across your page! i thought I was all alone. I am a 22yr old female from Perth WA and my legs are horrible! It’s coming into summer and I want to wear shorts. All winter I told myself I was going to stop picking so I could enjoy summer without being ashamed of my legs. So I fake tanned! With a different product than I usually use and had a bad reaction. Now I have lots more sores than usual, so I have been picking with my tweezers so much 😦 what products do you use to help your skin recover? I don’t want to see a doctor because every time he’s bought it up I’ve lied and said they were mozzie bites or bug bites and not me causing them!

  8. Katherine minton

    I have severe depression, OCD, and a compulsive skin picking habit. I know how it feels to be where you are struggling to find a solution to a seemingly incurable problem. But then I took a course at my university and started reading the companion text. It changed my life. I know you’ve seen lots of docs, trust me so have I since I was 12 at least, but this really made me feel in control. Week 7 after starting to read this text and I’ve already dramatically decreased the amount of picking sessions I engage in. Maybe I sound crazy or like I’m just trying to push yet another product, but this is real advancement in a psychological field that can help so many. The course is called the psychology of adjustment, and the book is self directed behavior self modification for personal adjustment by David l. Watson and Roland g. Tharp, tenth edition. I’ve struggled with this skin picking disorder for almost a decade in companion with severe recurring depression. But I finally feel like I’ve found a solution. I’m sorry if this wasn’t helpful, I just felt the need to share what has changed my life so dramatically.

  9. hey, my name is Rania. I struggle from the same thing, and i am also writing about it. I am doing this anthology on my skin picking disorder and used one of the poems on this cite… I just wanted you to know that this is really touching and that you’re not alone!

  10. You are a beautiful strong woman and I admire your courage and dedication! Your blog will help/inform many people. I am 16 and have been picking for 4 years, I have yet to tell anyone, but am calling a therapist tomorrow. I’m so excited, but i will want to go the appointments secretly if they let me in. This blog gives me courage to tell someone. xoxo.

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