Dermatillomania Awareness Wristband

Ok so here’s what I’ve come up with so far for the awareness bands:

I’ve chosen these colours because I feel both sexes would be comfortable wearing them as would both sufferers and non-sufferers.

I like black because I think it represents the depression/isolation that comes with derma (also I don’t notice many black bands around) and white is for hope (plus it stands out quite nicely).

I like blue because it is associated with mental health awareness and it’s also the colour that represents Trichotillomania (although there’s is a lighter blue) and again white for hope.

Also by choosing to fill the words in with white it means it stands out… I can opt to not fill the words in with colour, so they will still be there but they will only be indented into the band.

So far this is just an idea… I would have to figure out a cost-effective way of being able to post the wristbands worldwide first. Will enquire about this at the post office within the next couple of days.

So my questions are what do people prefer:

Black or blue?

Indented words only or indented and filled in with white?

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  1. I think that just the words indented would be best & on a black band. Blue is also cool but like you say, you don’t see many black bands about. If you do get these made, please do let me know. I could always look into a way of distribution through my support group here in the UK XxxX

    • Hi Kate! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your suggestion 🙂 I went ahead and ordered the bands (black with white indented font) and yesterday they arrived in the mail! Have a look at my latest blog post to get a sneak peek… hoping to start selling them next week! Xx

  2. Haylie Holdren

    Are you still selling the dermatillomania awareness braclets? I would love to buy one if so!

    • Hi Haylie, I most certainly am. If you go to Dermatillomania Awereness Wristband on Facebook, you can order through the page. Thank you for your query 🙂

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