Awareness Wristband for Dermatillomania

I have been thinking a lot lately about creating an awareness ribbon or an awareness wristband for Dermatillomania but I don’t want to go ahead and create one until there is a general consensus on colour. I have sent off a quote tonight to a silicon wristband company in Australia to see how much they charge to find out if this will be an affordable endeavour for me or not. In case I decide to go ahead with this it would be nice to know what colour/style other derma sufferers would be comfortable with. As it will be us wearing them and because it will be representing a very personal struggle to us, I want to make sure I get this right. Below I have posted a direct link to the different style wristbands offered by the website I have contacted. I am leaning more towards the Single Colour Debossed Silicon Wristband with the option of filling the word “Dermatillomania” in with the colour white. As most of the sufferers I’ve come across seem to live in the US it may not be worthwhile for me to do this once I factor in postage and handling so if anyone knows of any US based companies like this one please let me know. Thanks!

Here’s the link to the Aussie site:

Silicon Wristband Website

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