Kicking Dermatillomania

I’ve been looking through old pictures and thought I would share a comparison between how bad my skin can get (when my derma is severe and my stress levels are high) and how good my skin can get (when my derma is manageable and my stress levels are low). No matter how clear my skin can get I ALWAYS feel like the girl on the left. Having spent so many years in a continuous state of severe derma I struggle to see myself how I look now – I still think I look like the girl on the left until I see proof like this. Photos like this set out side by side show just how far I’ve come. As hard as it is to take pictures, especially when the picking is at an all time high, it’s worth it to see the progress you have made. It also motivates you to keep fighting the fight! Kicking Dermatillomania… we’ve got this!!

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  1. Our mind is a very powerful tool that is why God says lean not on your own understanding but trust him with all your heart !! Everything we do is a choice,, I use to cut my arms because of abuse I suffered and anxiety !! Now I trust in God and I look at my scars and am disappointed that I made that choice !! Think before you act and pray and get some medication and see a Doctor !! That is what they get paid to do is help people with illness,, so you can either choose to get help so you stop making a bad choice or keep hurting yourself !! Remember you always have a choice to get better or stay sick !!!

    • Hi Joyce, thank you for visiting my blog! Yes our minds are very powerful tools indeed! And I do believe that we have a choice to get help. However, Dermatillomania may have an underlying genetic or biological cause, meaning sufferers can not just stop their behaviour because they want to. Believe me, we ALL want to stop and if it were that easy we would! I do want help and that is why I am crying out for it. I have seen numerous psychologists, even more doctors, a dermatologist, a psychiatrist, and even a hypnotherapist. None of them have heard of my condition (keep in mind I live in Australia, so we’re a little behind other countries) and none of them have been able to help. That is why Dermatillomania sufferers so desperately need more awareness brought to this condition so we can find treatment professionals that will actually be able to help us with our condition. No one wants to stay sick if they have a viable option to get better!

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