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Exam Results Are In!

So I got my exam results back today: 2 High Distinction’s, 1 Distinction and 1 Credit!! Not bad a for a single working mumma attempting her first full-time semester 😉 at University! I’m really proud of myself and how far I’ve come. This proves to me that I can do anything I put my mind to! There was a time when those results would have disappointed me as I am a perfectionist and so I always aim for the highest marks possible BUT I have learnt to be realistic. NO ONE is perfect! And I have other responsibilities on top of my studies so I don’t always have the luxury of time. Unfortunately I can’t go out and celebrate the way I’d like to as it turns out it wasn’t gastro I had… the Doctor found abnormal enzymes in my liver and he also thinks I may have a stomach ulcer (so I guess the stress was affecting me after all). News like this would have usually thrown me into a stressful state exacerbating my picking and my depression but I know there is nothing I can do except wait for the results and put my faith in my doctor and whoever up above is watching over me. I’m going to keep focusing on the positive and I think to celebrate my good marks I might shout myself some guitar lessons, a makeover or a professional photo shoot (one that shows off my scars)… what do you reckon?

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