Minor Relapse plus Genetic Precondition?

Sooo I’d finally managed to get my face clear and then last night while I was reading a book I started to pick at it again. I attacked the spots that were almost healed (they were dry and flaky) and I don’t know if subconsciously I did it because I still wanted there to be something to pick at on my face. :/ So now I can not wait for my fidgets to arrive! TLC sent me shipping confirmation today so I am excitedly waiting for my parcel!

On a different note while I’m sitting here writing this my 6 year old son is picking at his lip. He’s a lip picker but ONLY when there is dry skin there to actually be picked off. I’m telling him to stop because it will hurt if he rips it off and he gives me a cheeky smile like he knows that’s what’s going to happen but he wants it off anyway. So far I’ve kept his hands busy with a drawing & writing activity and I’ve told him to drink water to hopefully rehydrate his lips but I guarantee you he’ll pick at them later when I’m not looking. I also went to visit my nan last night with my mother and while I was sitting there picking at a spot on my back, my mum was sitting there scratching at her face. Genetic much?

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  1. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they eventually prove a genetic link. I’m dermatillomania, with maybe some trich as a teenager. My sister has trichm – hers is confined to one particular area, my derm is scattered. Similarly I also have Keratosis Pilaris, and there is a proven genetic link there as well, and in my case it definitely contributes to the derm.

    • Hi Stacy! I couldn’t agree with you more. My sister has suffered with both trich and derm but in a very mild way. I also catch my mum and son occasionally picking at their skin. In my case I just can’t seem to stop once I start, whereas the family members I have observed with this are able to limit the behaviour. Hopefully they do more research into this disorder and perhaps a genetic link will be proven!

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