Dermatillomania – It has a name!

Video Number Two: This was made at the beginning of 2009, a few weeks after I found out that my illness had a name: Dermatillomania. By this stage I’m getting pretty desperate for help… it’s very hard for me to watch back over these but I’m uploading them again in the hope that they will help other sufferers realise that they are not alone in this. Much love to you if you are feeling or have ever felt like I did in this video. x

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  1. Oh darlin this broke my heart, how differently do you feel now? How are you doing with it?

    • It’s so hard for me to watch back over this too! I feel a lot differently now! I found that accepting my condition made it easier to deal with, so did keeping myself busy and always looking for the positives in life. And as a bonus my skin has improved heaps too 🙂 I just wanted to show people that progress is possible and if anyone is feeling how I used to, then they’ll know they’re not alone in their feelings or their condition.

  2. That’s amazingly brave of you, good on you for putting yourself out there trying to help others, takes great courage, you’re such a cutie pie too! 🙂

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