Anxious About Food Shop

About to attempt the grocery shopping and already I can feel my anxiety levels rising. I break down and cry in shopping centres because I am that OCD about food. I NEED to get over this! I NEED to start cooking again! Food is essential to life. You can’t survive without it. I can’t. And I know my son certainly can’t. I just wish I knew how to fix this. Life was much easier when all I had to worry about was the skin-picking. This food obsession is a whole new confusing ball game.

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  1. I don’t think I’m OCD about food in the same way you are, but the consumption of food can often seem like a big deal for me and my BDD. Shopping for food and eating food can make me really anxious as well. I always try to count to 10 and breathe and tell myself that it’s not a big deal, although I know that seems kind of weak against the loudspeaker voice in my head. *hugs* Let us know how the grocery shopping goes.

    • For me I’m mainly anxious about fresh produce like meat, dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetables. I eat a lot of processed, packaged and frozen food because for some reason to me they feel like “safer” products to consume. I know this is unrealistic but I still can’t seem to shake the overbearing thoughts/feelings that every piece of food I eat will make me sick because it is contaminated with bad bacteria. Shopping for food and eating food always makes me really anxious but I am slowly forcing myself to do it bit by bit because I keep losing weight and I’m already too thin for that to be happening. I know what you mean about the loudspeaker voice in your head… I have one of those in mine too! My grocery shop went ok – I was able to buy fruit, milk and bread but the rest was all packaged food. I made scrambled eggs for dinner last night but only managed to eat about half what was on my plate because I thought the eggs “smelt funny”. It’s baby steps for me all the way. Thanks for commenting *hugs*

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